Our commitment: Bring new opportunities to millions by empowering anyone who has disabilities and challenges with access to life-changing technologies available through AT&T’s resources, products and services.

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Let’s connect | AT&T and accessibility, 3:24
Our leaders weigh in on how AT&T approaches accessibility for its disabled customers through smart technology and a compassionate mindset that includes us all.

Workforce Inclusion

At AT&T, we:

See our Diversity and Inclusion Annual Report (PDF, 9MB).


Outreach & Initiatives

Creating a culture of understanding

Ability is AT&T’s Employee Resource Group dedicated to creating a culture of understanding, awareness, advancement and advocacy for individuals with disabilities. Through efforts designed to advance, educate and advocate, Ability supports the inclusion of people with disabilities in the workplace and the community. 

 Explore Ability


Awards and Honors

We take pride in fostering diversity and inclusion, allowing AT&T to create a better business environment. Through these efforts, AT&T continues to be an employer of choice, a preferred business partner and an important contributor to the community.

Here’s a look at some of the recognition we’ve earned by supporting our communities and the people within them.

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