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Experience TV

Channel surf by listening to on-screen menus and guides

Talking Guide on Genie® DVR for DIRECTV is a text-to-speech screen reader that provides audio output to accompany on-screen textual menus and guides. 

Enable Talking Guide on your Genie® DVR.

Hear what’s shown in a TV program

Video Description for U-Verse TV inserts audio descriptions of a TV program’s key visual elements into the natural pauses in a program’s dialogue. 

Get started with Video Description now.

Navigate your TV by touch and sound

The U-Verse app — when combined with the screen reader feature on a smart device — provides access to verbal and motion feedback for visually impaired users.

Get started by downloading the U-Verse app to your device and making sure your U-Verse TV receiver is paired with the app. Enable communication between U-Verse TV and the U-Verse app.

Then, follow the steps to enable and navigate Samsung’s Voice Assistant, which appear in this article: Get started with the U-Verse app. (Note that these steps are similar across all devices.)

Get more from your smart device

Take advantage of wireless accessibility features 

Voice control features like Siri or Google Assistant can help you with routine tasks on your phone.

Screen readers and text customization features allow you to customize your screen with magnification, contrast, sizing and color and more.

An array of additional features such as text-to-speech and speak passwords – available in the accessibility settings of most mobile devices – can empower blind and visually impaired users to take full advantage of mobile capabilities.

Watch the video below to see how accessibility features are improving one woman’s life (2:44).

Vision Accessibility, 2:44
Jasmine has a passion for family and the spoken word. She uses features for the blind and visually impaired to navigate her phone.

Get help with your account

Waive the fee for Dial 4-1-1 directory assistance

Dial 4-1-1 provides helpful dialing assistance for users to quickly and easily access local and national phone numbers and addresses on the go.

See if you qualify for waived per-call fees through the Directory Assistance Exemption Program.  Some requirements for qualification are significant visual, cognitive or physical disabilities.

Manage your relationship with AT&T

Wireless customers can contact AT&T’s National Center for Customers with Disabilities to get answers to questions regarding equipment, accessories, features and services.

Contact AT&T's National Center for Customers with Disabilites: For voice calls, 866-241-6568, or for TTY calls, 866-241-6567, Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. PT.

Wire (or LAN) line customers can contact AT&T's Disability and Aging Center for help, including answers to questions about your account and information on discounts for directory assistance or local toll calls.

Contact AT&T's Disability and Aging Center: 800-772-3140, Monday through Friday, 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. PT, and 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. PT on Saturday. Learn more about our Disability and Aging Center.

Send and receive email

Learn more about email features

AT&T email offers keyboard-only navigation and keyboard shortcuts for a smooth navigation experience. 

Find out more about AT&T email features for people with disabilities.


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