Welcome to AT&T Accessibility, I’m your host Max Irzhak and in today’s podcast episode we have a very special guest for you.

Ahmad AlGhazi is the Founder and CEO of CAN Mobilities, the company behind a revolutionary smart cane that will forever change how you think about mobility, how you think about walking canes—maybe, even how you think about the future of caregiving altogether. 

It’s been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, TIME, and Venture Beat, and today you’ll learn about the CAN GoTM Smart Cane from the creator himself.


Tell us about CAN and your mission with this smart cane

Ahmad AlGhazi: “What we discovered is that a lot of people when they have mobility limitations, they start losing independence. And our solution to that is how can we leverage the latest advances in technology to help people stay independent longer and make caring if needed more efficient.”

“Aging in place” is a phrase we’re hearing more and more about these days. Why is this growing trend having such a huge impact on the future of this country?

Talk to us about the design of the product. There’s clearly a lot of thought that was put into the design. How did your background as an engineer play a role in the design decisions?


“Merging art with science and engineering is very fascinating to me, and I really wanted to merge both of them and create a product that has the biggest impact in people’s lives.”

∼ Ahmad AlGhazi, Founder and CEO of CAN

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“What are some of the top safety features that people are loving about it?

Is being an "all-in-one device" a hidden benefit of the CAN Go Smart Cane?

Why choose AT&T to power the CAN Go Smart Cane?

How is AT&T helping improve the experience for CAN Go customers? Which features does it help to enable?

Why does Accessibility matter so deeply to you? Were you inspired by something personal?

Behind every great product lies an inspiring origin story. For Ahmad, that story begins with his grandmother. Ahmad vividly recalls witnessing his grandmother's journey—from walking unaided, to relying on a cane, and eventually using a walker. From her, Ahmad learned one of life's most significant lessons.


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