Art Pregler


Art Pregler - Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Program Director

As Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Program Director, Art Pregler is responsible for nationwide oversight and internal implementation of drones. He is also Director of National Mobility Systems, responsible for development of enterprise data systems. Prior to AT&T, Art served DOD, NASA, DARPA, and other technology-focused agencies as a Command & Control Officer, Air Traffic Controller, Air Weapons Controller, and Mission Control Specialist. He’s supported Space Shuttle flight operations, Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI/Star Wars) systems testing, and electronic warfare systems development. He directed live-fire flight tests against QF-100 and QF-102 drones, and he supported development of Global Hawk and Dark Star surveillance drones. Art was a member of the FAA’s 2016 UAS Aviation Rule-Making Committee (ARC).

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