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  • AT&T Cloud

    • Overview

      Today's technology forecast calls for The Cloud, and AT&T’s cloud services offerings are creating a storm of new possibilities. So what is cloud computing? AT&T sees it as network-resident capabilities that are managed and routed just like other networking services across our highly reliable, intelligent network. The Cloud has global reach and enterprise-grade security.

      The AT&T Cloud combines mobile broadband capabilities, a huge IP backbone, industry-leading Virtual Private Network capabilities and data centers to deliver world-class cloud computing solutions.

      But what does it mean for businesses? It means a high degree of customization and flexibility in how and when applications and computing capabilities are managed and delivered. One size does not fit all when it comes to cloud computing. Our cloud is both localized and distributed.

      Through our deep relationships with over 3 million business customers we know they want their cloud and mobility services combined in highly secure, scalable solutions that help them save costs and transform the way they work.

      We bring all forms of cloud to businesses of all sizes: public, private, hybrid and virtual private clouds.

      • Public cloud – reaching across the Internet to access cloud services
      • Private cloud – using dedicated infrastructure, either owned by the business or by AT&T
      • Virtual private cloud – Businesses use AT&T-provided VPN services to reach into our network-based cloud. This is highly secure and offers the performance and reliability of a private cloud with the economics and flexibility of a public cloud

      Our flexible, scalable, pay-as-you-go cloud services offers are meeting the needs of businesses and consumers alike, while providing the security of AT&T's intelligent network. Cloud computing offers more ways to work and collaborate from more places than ever before.

      With everything you need safely managed and stored inside the AT&T Cloud, you're free to keep your feet on the ground so you can keep your business moving in the right direction.

    • Offerings

      We have embedded cloud capabilities directly into the AT&T managed network so that we can manage and deliver cloud services and applications as part of a total solution straight down to nearly any device.

      Our cloud capabilities are the latest milestone in our ongoing network transformation efforts.

      AT&T Synaptic Compute as a Service: On-Demand Computing

      AT&T Synaptic Compute as a Service gives companies of all sizes simple, on-demand access to a scalable computing capacity that can be connected to our highly-secure, world-class network cloud.

      Customers can use the service to quickly address demands for variable computing processing power and expand capacity to scale with their business requirements. In turn, we'll deliver computing processing capacity that can scale to meet a business's immediate demand, along with management of the network, server, hardware and storage.

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      AT&T Synaptic Storage as a Service: Storage On-Demand

      AT&T Synaptic Storage as a Service provides enterprise customers with control over the storage, distribution and retrieval of their data on the go, using Web-enabled devices.

      AT&T Synaptic HostingSM

      Online retailers gearing up for holiday sales. Employers with annual open enrollment for employee benefits. Game publishers running online games. These are a few of the businesses that can benefit from AT&T Synaptic HostingSM, a virtualized, utility computing service.

      Synaptic Hosting is our next-generation utility computing service with managed networking, security and storage for businesses. Its utility computing features are an ideal solution for companies whose business needs are seasonal or unpredictable, or where end-user traffic spikes are a given.

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    • The Cloud Ecosystem

      A key element of AT&T's cloud strategy is active engagement with solution developers and other cloud vendors to help us deliver solutions marked by innovation, openness and interoperability.

      Our strategy includes the development of a cloud "ecosystem" of best-in-breed allies and independent software vendors knitting new cloud capabilities into our network.

      We are innovating with best-in-breed allies like IBM, VMware, EMC, and Cisco, and our Cloud Solutions Provider Program allows independent software vendors to build API-driven, cloud solutions, including cloud-based capabilities such as:

      • Data storage, archiving, backup and de-duplication
      • Disaster recovery
      • Software-as-a-Service apps
      • Desktop-as-a-Service apps
      • Medical Imaging

      Interoperability and openness among cloud systems is vital to business customers. AT&T is an active participant in standards groups such as the Cloud Standards Customer Council, the Cloud Security Alliance and the Wholesale Applications Community (WAC) and we are working with peer companies and carriers to build models that allow for cloud interoperability and openness and help define cloud standards for the industry.

      In addition, AT&T has appointed a commissioner to the Commission on the Leadership Opportunity in U.S. Deployment of the Cloud (CLOUD².) The commission, formed by TechAmerica Foundation, has a three-month mandate to provide the Obama Administration with recommendations for how government should deploy cloud technologies and for public policies that will help to drive U.S. innovation and leadership in the cloud.

    • Cloud and the Network

      Cloud computing requires a reliable network to move data between users, servers and data centers. AT&T owns and manages the world's leading global IP network, which carries more than 20.8 petabytes of data traffic on an average business day and includes more than 883,000 fiber route miles worldwide. The network allows AT&T to offer reliability, security and service-level agreements that qualify as enterprise class and are deemed trustworthy by businesses to handle their mission-critical applications.

      AT&T's scalable cloud services are available on demand and through a utility-based delivery model that allows customers to pay only for the services and capacity they use.

      With IBM, VMware and others to enhance our portfolio of cloud-based services, AT&T can provide integrated solutions that combine an IT cloud-computing platform and a virtual private network.

      In the network, cloud-computing services do more and go farther for your business.