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AT&T’s free solar mobile charging initiative is back and better than ever in 2014.


Check out AT&T Street Charge

AT&T Street Charge was launched as a pilot program in New York City in 2013 to bring innovative solar mobile charging stations to parks, beaches and other outdoor venues across the five boroughs. A direct outgrowth of Hurricane Sandy, the initiative aimed to keep New Yorkers connected as they traveled throughout the city.

In 2014, AT&T is will nearly double the number of solar mobile charging stations available in outdoor locations throughout the five boroughs in their continuing effort to forge a sustainable solution to keeping New Yorkers connected.  Beginning May 18, anyone with a mobile phone or tablet can charge their phone for free at one of 45 AT&T Street Charge units in more than 20 parks, beaches and outdoor gathering spots

In addition, AT&T provides free Wi-Fi to all mobile device users in 21 New York City parks as part of the Wi-Fi in the Parks initiative and our customers can also stay connected underground on 36 subway platforms today and may grow to as many as 242 stations in the coming years.

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