September 11, 2023

Network is the Killer App

Chris Sambar
Chris Sambar President – AT&T Network

Thousands of customers added daily to AT&T’s standalone 5G

Over the last three years, our network has seen an annual 30% increase* in traffic. This is the direct result of the pace of innovation and the changing needs of how people integrate technology into their everyday life. Our network is the new killer app and it’s paving the way for what’s next.

Never in the history of our network have we seen so much traffic, and we’re ready to handle even more.  Our team has made significant progress enabling standalone 5G, and we’re developing technology and services that run on top of the AT&T network. 

Many of the newest mobile devices are ready for 5G standalone, and we continue to move thousands of customers every day. We also recently launched  AT&T Internet Air home fixed wireless service, and from the start, this product rides on standalone 5G. And in the not-too-distant future, 5G connected cars will ride on AT&T’s standalone 5G.

Additionally, advancements like network slicing will bring 5G to its full potential by delivering services designed to fit a specific need. For example, we could offer unique network capabilities that provide specialized high-bandwidth access for doctors and healthcare professionals as they transmit medical imaging files or patient records in hospitals.  We could also enable low-latency connections for data-heavy entertainment applications like cloud gaming, or safety-critical applications in autonomous vehicles and advanced robotics.

We’re already working with customers – including healthcare, manufacturing, public sector and more – to address use cases with functionalities that require critical network access.

We’re building our network differently than our competitors as we continue to innovate and expand connectivity. We’re not stopping anytime soon – 5G, fiber, and satellite are all a part of the killer app as well.

Our mid-band 5G spectrum (including C-Band) now covers more than 175 million people.  We have the largest wireless network in North America, and we’re the nation’s largest fiber internet provider.  And we’re continuing to accelerate our growth by building more fiber than anyone – we added more than 60 thousand miles built in 2022 and have already passed an additional 1M+ customer locations with fiber this year.

We're collaborating with AST SpaceMobile to one day provide satellite service direct to your everyday regular smartphone. AST recently achieved the world's first satellite voice call direct to an everyday smartphone as well as demonstrating direct-to-cell LTE data download speeds – all connected via a low-earth orbit satellite and AT&T spectrum.

Getting to this point has been the result of multi-year planning. But we couldn’t do it without the talent and people working in the labs, maintaining and building the network, and when needed, putting the network back together when a natural disaster strikes.

The work and innovation in these areas continues, as it always will, making its mark in history one connection at a time.

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