September 13, 2023

Empowering Students to Achieve

Sandro Mesquita
Sandro Mesquita AVP, AT&T Corporate Social Responsibility

Kids may be back in the classroom, but their education doesn’t stop there. Supplemental learning is crucial for students trying to catch up from summer learning loss and the pandemic setback or for those looking to stay ahead of the curve. A robust online learning platform can help.

According to research, 96% of students say e-learning tools are fun to use and help them learn on their own. Seven in 10 teachers agree. And according to the Research Institute of America/SH!FT, e-learning can help students retain between 35% and 60% more information.

That’s why we created The Achievery. It’s a free online learning platform designed to entertain and engage students K-12. The learning content on The Achievery is reviewed  by education experts. Students can use The Achievery everywhere they learn – at home, in the classroom, after school or on-the-go. And parents tell us they like the platform, because it’s a safe space for their kids to learn. They don’t have to worry about ads or inappropriate material popping up.

Now in its second year, more than 158,000 students have participated in learning with The Achievery. And every day that number continues to grow with our expanded library of learning units and collaborators.

It Takes a Village

In addition to content from leading education organizations like Girls Who Code, LearnFresh, and the Scratch Foundation, we’ve just added over 150 learning units from our 20+ content collaborators:

  • Urban Arts – These learning units are rooted in the arts and technology, with a special emphasis on game design. For example, the unit “Video Game History Mash Up” explores the early days of video game history.
  • Technovation – Learning units from this global tech education nonprofit inspire girls to be leaders and problem solvers. The lesson, “Make a Mechanical Stegosaurus Tail” teaches students about potential and kinetic energy as they build a model of a stegosaurus tail that can break through paper.
  • Roadtrip Nation – This content focuses on driving career exploration through storytelling and education. For example, the unit “Explore Your Interests: Being Outdoors” shows students five different life paths they could take that connect to being outside or in nature in some way.

We’re also investing a total of $1.5 million between three new collaborators to bring The Achievery to an additional 34,000 underserved students nationwide through before- and after-school programs:

  • Camp Fire will integrate learning content from The Achievery into its after-school programming at 46 affiliates across the country.
  • City Year will integrate learning content from The Achievery into its programs in under-resourced schools in Los Angeles, Memphis, Tennessee, Dallas, Sacramento, California, Denver, Detroit, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Little Rock, Arkansas, New Orleans, and Columbus, Ohio.
  • Think Together will integrate learning content from The Achievery into its programs at 175 schools throughout Southern California and the Bay Area.

Other organizations already collaborating with AT&T to bring The Achievery to underserved students include: 3DE, All4Ed, Connected Nation, Digitunity, Girl Scouts of the USA, the National Afterschool Association, and others.

Creating a Bridge to Possibility

The Achievery is more than just a learning tool; it’s a bridge to possibility. And we’re building that bridge with our “village” of collaborators.

By teaming with best-in-class content developers, education powerhouses and well-respected community organizations, we’re offering more high-quality online learning tools that enhance student education and demonstrate to families the importance of having high-speed internet access. It’s one more way we’re working to bridge the digital divide.

Providing free online learning resources not only can help students grow their potential, but also it can empower them to achieve.

And that’s what The Achievery is all about. 

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