February 20, 2024

Open for Business – AT&T’s New Network API Platform Helps Unlock Revenue, Security, and Technology Capabilities for Developers

Stephanie Ormston
Stephanie Ormston Stephanie Ormston, AVP Technology – Digital Services Integration

Last fall, we introduced the idea of making advanced connectivity capabilities available to you through network APIs.

But what does it really mean to get access into an open network? How would exposing network APIs translate into real difference for businesses, developers, and eventually, you and me?

For developers, think of it as a new and more powerful way of developing apps.

For enterprises, real-time on-demand access to innovative network capabilities could be a game-changer for operations and the key to your newest product.

Whichever role you play, it means the future we've been dreaming of is within reach.

New business models. Disruption. And innovation. At the foundation of these things is the network upon which the future is being built.

The important thing here is you

You have a role in building the future, and we’re making it easier for you to create the next big thing – your next product, your next operational improvement and even your new business! The power of our network is in your hands – and you don’t need to be a network expert to use it.

Our network API accelerator program is your ticket to the future.  Our vision is to give you access to a selection of production and experimental Network APIs in a space where you can explore their benefits and technical performance at scale; develop solutions backed by the power of our network; and build the future we’ve all dreamt of. We are working with API platform hosting providers and hyperscalers to bring these capabilities to you.

Test cutting edge technology like converged network experiences or explore our developer solutions around security and network observability, designed to enable your next great app.

Having AT&T network capabilities in your hands can be a lot to take in. As we evolve the offerings we make available, we invite you to share with us what you’d like to see.

To inspire you, here are three ways you may be able to take advantage of the power of AT&T’s network.

1Make next-level security part of your product

Ubiquitous connectivity can mean increased potential for security incidents. But it doesn’t have to. Establishing a highly secure environment can require solutions as diverse as the threats they’re designed to detect, mitigate, and resolve.

Cybersecurity is a complex, demanding skillset, and the threats can be daunting for small developer teams. So, we’re bringing our security expertise to you.

Developers can harness the power of network operator fields-of-view by integrating security capabilities as APIs and API-enabled services into their applications.

For example, our anomaly threat detection APIs can identify anomalies such as malware activity, excessive data usage, device identity spoofing, or session-related anomalies.

The scale of converged wireless and wireline networks provides unequaled anomaly intelligence and threat detection. Making them available via APIs as a network-based solution can make the next great app into a flagship for highly secure business.

2Take the next big IoT step

Beyond improving existing experiences, network APIs will make it possible to expand what people can expect from connected cars, infrastructure, and spaces.

For example, software-based vehicles will need to be able to deliver capabilities over the air quickly and reliably. Our APIs will make it possible for developers to build on-demand network capabilities that will help make software in vehicles as head-turning as horsepower.

But IoT isn’t just about transportation. It’s about applying a layer of greater intelligence and capability on top of virtually any experience where connections exist. Our APIs will make it possible for developers to add that layer to streetlights, traffic signals, home automation and security, and health devices.

The advanced solution is going to be part of your app.

By integrating APIs and services designed to ensure optimal network connectivity – or even on-demand virtual private network provisioning – developers will resolve barriers to product development.

The next hot app will include the ability to deliver high quality experiences even in high network demand scenarios. It will offer smooth operations thanks to on-demand Quality of Service adjustments and private network capabilities designed to support considerable connectivity needs.

In other words, app developers equipped with network APIs will build an internet of things that will redefine what connected devices can reliably do!

3Create new business models

Apps developed with integrated network capabilities represent a substantial point of differentiation. In fact, we think this technology can create entirely new applications and new ways of capturing the attention of your customers.

Want an example? Grab a controller!

How might hardware- or cloud-based gaming, streaming, and content creation be impacted by network capabilities that make latency a thing of the past? How might gamers respond? How might game studios?

This is for the next great app developers to find out!

It’s all fair game, so to speak: gaming distribution and monetization models; adtech and ad revenue; the delineation of publication and distribution; and more.

API-enabled network services can be the foundation for immersive experiences that, for example, make new concert-at-home experiences possible – where a VIP meet-and-greet with your favorite performer happens from the couch. Or where you can make the stage’s digital backdrop your phone’s wallpaper. What if a pop star’s devotees could experience a VR performance from the perspective of one of the dance crew?

Let’s remove network impediments to innovation! Any industry with advanced network capabilities at the core of its products can deliver new and delightful experiences for its customers.

Bottom line

Creators rejoice!  Connectivity and open network tools are enabling the next wave of creativity for developers, and we’re planning to put that power in your hands.

Start your journey here: developer.att.com.