March 27, 2024

TDP's AI Learning & Problem Solving Challenge: Revolutionizing Efficiency and Creativity with AI

Mart Hoover
Mart Hoover Associate Director of Technology II Corporate Systems, AT&T

AT&T embraced the AI revolution by incorporating an adapted version of Chat GPT, Ask AT&T, ultimately leading to the innovative idea for the Technology Development Program’s AI Learning & Problem Solving Challenge.

Embracing the Generative AI concepts, the Technology Development Program and the Corporate Systems & Talent Enablement organization, created a competition to learn and showcase their employees knowledge aimed to exhibit the potential of AT&T's AI tool, Ask AT&T. It focused on using Ask AT&T creatively to solve real-world work challenges.

The teams, including the winning team, PLEdge of Progress, brainstormed and presented their ideas, demonstrating the power of AI in problem-solving. PLEdge of Progress proposed to enhance AT&T’s Personal Learning Experience (PLE) website, our internal education platform, using Ask AT&T to address subjects of guidance, time, and motivation. Their solution included microlearning through engaging videos, gamification, and custom learning paths based on user data analysis.

Participants showcased their talent in machine learning, code generation, and problem-solving, guided by Ask AT&T. The team used Ask AT&T to research industry trends, draft business plans, conduct SWOT analysis, and design PowerPoint templates.

By the end of the competition, Ask AT&T emerged as an indispensable tool for everyday work. Although AI tools like Ask AT&T have potential for improvement, their immense potential was recognized. As AI continues to develop, it will revolutionize our work processes, increasing efficiency and allowing more time for complex tasks. This aligns with our focus on improving internal processes at AT&T.

The TDP's AI Learning & Problem-Solving Challenge was an inclusive event, involving around 700 employees from the corporate systems organization. The competition comprised 16 teams and over 70 participants, from new hires to veterans.

The most innovative teams proposed diverse learning and training tools. Several leaders evaluated the final four contenders, with PLEdge of Progress emerging as the winners. Some of the winning solutions are in the backlog for development.

Participants expressed that AI tools like Ask AT&T, when used effectively, can significantly enhance efficiency and productivity.