Product Development

Connectivity-derived disruption is playing out across almost every major industry, from real estate to connected cars to personal fitness, healthcare, retail, manufacturing and more.

Along with the advantages of connected products comes the challenge of building them: managing modems, chipsets, sensors, security hazards, location services, software updates, remote debugging… all before any real product differentiation actually happens. To build a connected product today, business leaders need to navigate a bewildering variety of risks.

AT&T aims to be the trusted brand that guides its customers safely through connectivity-derived disruption.

We’ll differentiate our network capabilities by integrating our suite of products and platforms that we create without third parties and without the need to deploy heavy capital.

The recently launched Product Development team within AT&T’s Chief Technology Office is the catalyst for this innovation across the company, coordinating with teams from our Enterprise Markets, Mid-Market, Mass Market organizations, our Chief Data Office, Chief Security Office, and more.

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Chief Technology Officer Jeremy Legg at Collision 2022

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