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This year we were named the Nation’s Best Network according to America’s biggest test,1 but we aren’t stopping there. The best network is even better with the 5G Evolution technologies available in 385 markets today, with plans to reach 400 markets in the coming days.

5G Evolution technologies enables a peak theoretical wireless speed of 400Mbps for capable devices, or an average around 40Mbps based on real-world experiences.

Today, we offer 17 different devices capable of accessing 5G Evolution. But, how do you know when you’re connecting to the 5G Evolution experience? If you have one of the latest Android devices and it connects to a tower that’s enabled with 5G Evolution, you’ll soon see a “5G E” indicator pop up on your screen. Initially we’ll roll this out on a handful of devices, with more devices showing the indicator in spring 2019.

5G Evolution is an important set of technologies that AT&T is rolling out while at the same time introducing standards-based mobile 5G in parts of 12 cities this year and in parts of at least 7 more cities in early 2019.


1 Based on GWS OneScore Sept. 2018. Excludes crowd source studies. 

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