Over the past 16 years at AT&T and across my life, I have seen the transformative power of bringing together different perspectives, cultures, and experiences.

I, myself, am a daughter of immigrants from Cuba and Mexico so I know first-hand the importance and richness of diversity.  My father further instilled a passion for other cultures in me in simple ways, like always including Irish songs and Arabic music on any road trip play list. Just imagine trying to keep six kids in the back of a station wagon entertained. This early experience and shared appreciation for diversity may be the very reason I’ve dedicated my career to working on multicultural segments. I believe you don’t have to be of a segment to appreciate it, you just have to care.

This Hispanic Heritage Month, AT&T is recognizing the impact of Hispanic and Latino people shaping our society and inspiring future generations to dream without limits. One place where this influence is clear is at our retail stores, where customers can experience the latest tech and have access to one-on-one customer service right in their neighborhoods.

At AT&T, it is important that our employees reflect the communities where they work.  In communities around the country, storefront employees build connections with customers by introducing new offerings, devices, and technology. Thanks to their work and dedication, we’re able to deepen our relationships, specifically with the growing Hispanic and Latino populations. In our stores, many of our employees offer Spanish-speaking support, live in the communities where they work, and advocate on behalf of Hispanic people.

I invite you to hear from some of AT&T’s incredible frontline employees about how community, family, and culture inspire their work: