We all have “things” we’re really passionate about.

Cars. Travel. Dogs. Hiking. Football. Marathon watching shows about dragons. Almost anything…

No matter what it is, AT&T helps us connect with, enjoy and share it more.

For years it was phone calls.  Then texting.  Then the internet, at home and on the go.  And now it’s all the entertainment we love, anywhere and anytime we want.

At AT&T, our thing is to give you more for your thing.

So, whether your thing is how-to-fix-it videos online, chatting with your kids on your extended work trip, or spending an entire day watching your favorite show, AT&T brings it to you in an effortless and satisfying way.

That’s what our new national campaign focuses on: The individuality of your passions and how our premium suite of products and services connects you to them with better experiences, and better value.

More ways to connect you to the people, information and entertainment you care about. 


More ways to connect to more of what matters.


Your binge watching over the weekend thing:

  • HBO with eligible AT&T unlimited plans

Your no strings attached thing

  • DIRECTV NOW with no contract

Your I forgot to record that show again thing

  • 72 hour rewind with DIRECTV

Your always being first thing

  • DIRECTV is rated No. #1 in customer satisfaction over cable

Your gotta get the best deal thing

  • Buy one phone, get the second on us.1

More for your thing. That’s our thing. 

1 When you buy both on AT&T Next with eligible wireless service.

Marc Burns, Vice President – Advertising and Social Media

Marc Burns
Marc Burns Vice President – Advertising and Social Media