Fortune® 50 home improvement retailer Lowe’s has teamed up with AT&T and HydroPoint® to help reduce its water use and reduce carbon emissions in the community. What began as a landscape irrigation pilot in 2008 has grown into a large-scale installation of connected smart irrigation solutions at nearly 1,000 stores nationwide.

The solution is saving about 650 million gallons of water a year – enough to fill almost 1,000 Olympic swimming pools. Water treatment and pumping also uses energy. So, the solution is reducing carbon emissions by almost 750 metric tons every year. That’s like avoiding greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions equal to burning 84 thousand gallons of gasoline.[i]

The solution combines HydroPoint smart irrigation with AT&T Internet of Things (IoT) technology to analyze rich climate data and communicate with irrigation controllers so that landscaping is watered only when and where it’s needed.  While many irrigation controllers use only temperature to determine when and how much to water landscapes, HydroPoint analyzes over 8 million weather data points daily. AT&T’s IoT connectivity communicates this data in real time so that Lowe’s can easily control, manage and optimize its irrigation.

AT&T has also installed the Smart Irrigation solution at many of our own facilities and have achieved millions of gallons of water savings in our operations. Our work with HydroPoint and Lowe’s is just one of the ways we are working to achieve our 10x carbon reduction goal to enable carbon savings 10x the footprint of our operations by the end of 2025.

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