This year, AT&T is sponsoring the 2019 Masters Tournament and the inaugural Augusta National Women’s Amateur Tournament.

As part of these sponsorships, we are excited to showcase how we’re telling our story. Click through to see all of the commercials that will be airing nationwide. This year’s ads tell a complete story, which tell the world who we are and what we stand for.

The commercials highlight how our employees are building up their communities through the AT&T Believes program, our commitment to gender equality, how we’re working to combat distracted driving and how the AT&T network can improve many aspects of business – from inventory to security.

“Roll Up Your Sleeves”: AT&T Believes

This commercial stars both AT&T employees and community organizers and it highlights the AT&T Believes program. Specifically, the ad profiles AT&T Believes efforts in Chicago, Dallas and Atlanta, and emphasizes that AT&T employees work, live and believe in neighborhoods across the country. 

“Why They Tell My Story”: Gender Equality

This commercial debuted on April 6 during the Augusta National Women’s Amateur Tournament. It showcases AT&T’s commitment to gender equality. 

It Can Wait

This year, the It Can Wait ad has a unique focus on the future … a 5G version of our no-distracted-driving message. Learn More.

AT&T Business

These three ads showcase the transformative power of Edge-to-Edge Intelligence, utilizing the metaphor of a portal to represent the reach of the AT&T network. Through these “portals” businesses have increased visibility in order to adapt to their ever-increasing business demands. The ads were directed by Michel Gondry, who also directed the film “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.”