Spotlight on Kristian Cosme: making the world better for LGBTQ+ youth

This year, we launched the Community Impact Award to recognize employees who make a positive impact in their world. We received hundreds of nominations and stories of employees who live our value to make a difference. Our employees voted for the story that resonated with them most. We’re pleased to introduce you to the AT&T Communications Community Impact Award winner.

Kristian Cosme

AT&T Communications

Credit & Collections Manager

Orlando, Florida

Kristian Cosme has been volunteering and supporting his local community since he was in middle school. Growing up in a low-income household, Kristian experienced firsthand the importance and empowering impact of knowing people believed in him. His parents taught him education was the greatest thing he could pursue and never set a limit on what he could accomplish. As the first high school graduate in his family, he experienced the opportunities one gains from having a diploma. And now, he’s paying it forward by mentoring Florida teens. He helps with schoolwork, resume writing, public speaking, and showing he believes in them. His goal it to set up these students for success. “I want to make sure everyone has the opportunity and ability to graduate,” Kristian said.

One of the organizations particularly important to Kristian is Zebra Coalition. Zebra Coalition helps LGBTQ+ young adults in Central Florida with mentoring and counseling, medical support, education services, and more. Perhaps most importantly, Zebra Coalition provides housing to homeless LGBTQ+ youth. It’s estimated that LGBTQ+ youth represent as much as 40% of the homeless youth population. Kristian knows how valuable it is for youth to have supportive relationships with people who understand and accept them. “To find people who are like you during your critical teen years can make all the difference.” Zebra Coalition currently provides full-time housing to 15 youth. Kristian hopes his support will increase awareness of Zebra Coalition’s important missions and help them accomplish their goal to increase the number of safe accommodations and homes they can provide to youth in need.

Kristian believes in using his creativity and ability to connect with people to enact change in his community.  As Kristian says, “the only we can make the world a better place is by being involved in it.”

Kristian with some mentees.