DIRECTV, an entertainment company committed with development and social change received the Flourish Prize 2019, an award led by the Fowler Center of Business, with the goal of recognizing initiatives that contribute to the fulfillment of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) proposed by the United Nations and launched since 2016 as a substantial part of the work invested in order to meet the goals of the 2030 Agenda.

Escuela+ is a program promoted by DIRECTV and its allies, which collaborates within the field of education, using audiovisual content during class sessions in different institutions in elementary and secondary level in Latin America. This initiative seeks to complement the curricula of each country, in addition to providing innovative audiovisual resources that allow improving the learning and development of students. Using DIRECTV satellite technology and the contents of our partners such as: Discovery at school, National Geographic, Takeoff Media, Tournaments and Disney.

It should be noted that the schools that are part of the program, which are in the most remote areas of the country, receive educational programming every Monday and Tuesday, through channel 804. The content follows four thematic blocks: Subject Areas (mathematics, language, natural sciences and social sciences), local content (with the best of educational TV in Latin America), training (tools to support the work of teachers) and with news of the Escuela+ program. Escuela+ grows year by year, reaching new schools in rural areas and extreme places, such as the Peruvian jungle, the impenetrable Chaco and Antarctica.

"It is a great honor to receive this recognition, because in DIRECTV Peru we believe in education as a key factor for social equity, and that is the reason why we dream with a country where all children have access to quality education. To contribute with this goal, we work to shorten the digital gap and to promote the technological inclusion of vulnerable "said Rolando Dávila,  Head of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability of DIRECTV Peru.

This award was given to the company as a result of the publication of the story, "Improving Education in Peru," on the AIM2lourish platform in 2018, written by the students of the EGADE Business School of the Tecnologico de Monterrey: Eduardo Galdo, Diego Pizarro Aquino and Luzamérica Calderón, under the direction of Professor Consuelo García de la Torre, which describes Escuela+, as a great audiovisual education initiative.

In this sense, DIRECTV Peru through its social responsibility program continues to provide technology, excellent content, innovative methodology and constant monitoring to verify its effectiveness, and thus support a better education for all.