Shaping the Future of STEM: AT&T Recognizes 2021 BEYA Award Recipients

At AT&T, we know that diversity and inclusion drive innovation. That’s why this Black History Month, we are proud to continue to recognize and support diverse talent who are not only shaping the future of technology, but uplifting the communities we serve.

Our employees are at the core of our commitment to empowering diverse voices. From our frontline workers to those creating the technology of tomorrow, our people work every day to foster an inclusive culture that allows innovation to thrive. This has never been more evident than over the past year, as AT&T workers went above and beyond to provide the services needed to keep customers connected during the ongoing pandemic.

It’s this dedication that sets AT&T apart, and why many of our employees continue to be recognized as some of the best and brightest in the industry. Today, we are proud to celebrate 36 of these trailblazers who were recently honored at the 2021 BEYA (Black Engineer of the Year Award) STEM Conference in multiple categories in the following video.

In addition to being recognized as leaders in tech, AT&T’s Israel Smallwood, senior project program manager – AT&T Business, was awarded the Entrepreneurial Fellow Award, and David C. Williams, director, project program management – AT&T Business, the Rodney Adkins Legacy Award, respectively, for their outstanding work in STEM and technology.

“Israel’s ability to translate basic science into inventions and David’s technical and professional ability to solve some of the most challenging problems puts AT&T Business on the forefront of innovation for our customers,” said Anne Chow, CEO AT&T Business. “We’re so fortunate to have team members whose drive and dedication is truly shaping the future of engineering, science and technology.”

The BEYA STEM Conference celebrates diversity by recognizing people of color who have achieved outstanding success in their technology careers. AT&T is proud to sponsor this year’s conference and offer several initiatives designed to support and mentor diverse employee groups through every step of their career. This includes AT&T’s Technology Development Program (TDP), which targets external and internal STEM undergraduates and master’s students who are interested in software engineering.

Over the past 30 years, AT&T and the AT&T Foundation have invested more than $189.1 million to support STEM initiatives in the past 30 years.1 As one of the country’s largest employers, we understand that we have a critical role to play in equipping the next generation of technology leaders with the tools to succeed.

This mission continues to push us to Listen, Understand and Act on behalf of diverse communities and guarantee a seat at our table for all.

For more information on the BEYA STEM Conference and the 2021 Award winners, click here

1 The date range of the $189.1M is from 1989 to 2019. $129.5M came from corporate dollars and $59.6M came from the Foundation.