Several AT&T employees stood at the famous podium to ring the opening bell and mark the start of the day’s trading. They took part in the time-honored tradition in recognition of the 120th anniversary of our company’s original listing on the NYSE.

“Your work and the critical services you provide have allowed us to continue to be there for our customers during one of the most challenging times in their lives — a global pandemic that will shape the way we live and work for generations to come,” said Pascal Desroches, AT&T’s Chief Financial Officer, in recognition of the enormous contributions of all our people on the frontlines.

“And your commitment has lasted not only through a pandemic, but through numerous natural disasters. Amid hurricanes, floods, and wildfires, your dedication has allowed first responders to better serve their communities in times of crisis.”

The American Telephone and Telegraph Company (AT&T) was listed on the NYSE on Sept. 4, 1901. Only 11 other companies have been listed longer than AT&T.

According to the NYSE Archives, at that time, the company's ticker symbol was "ATT.” The symbol "T" was used by Texas and Pacific Railway and then later assigned to American Telephone and Telegraph Co. in 1930. The "T" symbol stands for `telephone'. 

Photo Credit: NYSE

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