When it comes to connecting with our Business customers and helping to accelerate sales, our corporate sales team used to take our customers to our headquarters in downtown Dallas, or to our Corporate Briefing Center at the Global Network Operations Center (GNOC) in Bedminster, New Jersey.

When the pandemic hit and everyone was confined to the home, the marketing team pivoted to deliver the same experience for customers from a distance.

Enter The Hub: Home for AT&T Business virtual experiences. It’s a virtual environment where our customers can engage with us and also interact with our products and services.

This past February marked the completion of The Hub project, with the launch of two new virtual booth experiences: Financial Services and Sports & Entertainment.

From FirstNet, with a mix of real world first responder use cases, to Cybersecurity & Networking with in-depth technology solutions on display – The Hub is our go-to location for virtual storytelling in 2021.

Take an inside look in the video below.

A total of nine virtual booths are now available for customers to explore on their own, or for our sales teams to use as a tool to help customers better understand how we can help with business transformation.

Since the launch of The Hub, thousands of customers have engaged in one of our more than 60 webinars.

“One of the immediate outcomes of the shift to digital, was a pivot to virtual thought leadership.  For AT&T Business, this brought about a quick selection and onboarding of a new webinar platform, and the launch of the "Webinar Theater" environment,” said Benjamin Lim, Director for Experiential Marketing for AT&T Business.

The Hub helped customers understand how we can offer different products and solutions to enhance their business operations, even during this changing COVID environment when they, themselves, are remote and having to adjust.”

The Hub will continue be a tool to stay engaged with customers and to positively impact business relationships going forward—even after “things go back to normal.”