With our mobile network, fans didn’t have to worry about losing their group or being the last one to post about a great performance to social media. When their favorite band was rocking out, they didn’t miss a beat thanks to AT&T’s network.

To keep up with the amount of spectators, AT&T used its Distributed Antenna System (DAS) at the park to keep people connected. The DAS works to decrease the area in which your cell signal has to travel, thus allowing you to stay connected easily.

Here’s what we saw from AT&T customers using our Distributed Antenna System (DAS) mobile network at Henry Maier Festival Park:

  • In total, more than 8.7TB crossed our in-venue mobile network.

        - 8.7TB is equal to 26M social media posts with photos.

  • The busiest traffic day was 7/3 when more than 1,209GB crossed our DAS. This is 66% more than the daily average total data usage, which came out to 727GB.