When your team is in action, you want to share those touchdown dances, one-handed catches and game-day selfies. AT&T wants to help you do this seamlessly.

At AT&T Stadium, the home of “America’s Team," we are using drones to help test and improve our Distributed Antenna System (DAS) networks. The “Echo Drone” can take key measurements on network performance and feed them in near-real-time to our engineers. It also helps us conduct inspections and tests more quickly and safely. We’re even able to access parts of stadiums that humans can't reach without special equipment.  

Without a drone, the testing process can take up to 5 days. Our engineers must walk up and down the entire stadium taking measurements. With an Echo Drone, AT&T can shorten this process to just 1 day.

Strong wireless connectivity at stadiums matters and we’re using innovative technology to get the job done. Drones, EchoBOT technology and DAS are just 3 of the tools in our next-gen network toolkit helping us provide a better wireless experience for football fans across the country.