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It’s now possible to receive a Masters in Computer Science from a nationally recognized program – without ever stepping foot inside a classroom.

The online offering of Georgia Tech's Master of Science in Computer Science (OMS CS) in the exciting new "massive online" format is now available – with the first class beginning today. AT&T’s very own Beth Sackner, Principal Technical Architect, applied and began the OMS experience today.

“With the ability to work towards a degree wherever there is a broadband connection, this opportunity came at the right time and right place in my life.  My children are older.  And I can devote time at night, on the weekends or even on my lunch hour without having to step a foot outside my workplace. I work and live in a “remote” part of New Jersey and not having to drive two hours several times a week is immensely appealing,” says Sackner in her recent consumer blog.

With this degree, Beth is aiming for a dual specialization in Systems and Networking. She hopes to broaden my breadth of skills in these areas, and enhance AT&T’s portfolio of offerings.

This course, offered in collaboration with Udacity and AT&T,  is the first and only degree entirely on the “massive-online” platform for course delivery. View our Georgia Tech online Master of Science in Computer Science infographic to learn more key points about the new program.

Visit for more information on the program.

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