International Cruise & Excursions (ICE), a global travel and leisure company that provides innovative cruise and travel programs, is keeping pace with strong demand and better serving customers with AT&T* Cloud Services.

ICE handles a large volume of inquiries for its customers – 1.2 million inquiries in an average month and more during peak season. ICE can scale to meet the increased demands with AT&T Synaptic Compute-as-a-Service℠ with VMWare vCloud® Datacenter Service. The solution enables ICE to improve customer satisfaction by enabling ICE representatives to quickly respond to worldwide travel reservation requests.

“AT&T’s cloud is simple to use,” said Rob Curtis, Executive Director of Information Technology at ICE. “We load the computing capacity we need. There’s no wasted investment in unused server capacity.”

Learn more about how ICE uses AT&T Cloud Services by reading the complete news release.

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