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Spring is finally here, bringing warmer weather and longer days. With tax season in full bloom and Earth Day upon us, many companies are looking for ways to help the environment and reduce costs.

Last month, our California president, Ken McNeely, asked 34,000 employees to reduce their company water usage by 30% in response to the emergency drought declaration by Governor Jerry Brown. Specifically McNeely asked employees to stop washing AT&T’s California fleet of more than 15,000 vehicles, reduce facility landscape irrigation by half, turn off decorative water features or fountains at corporate buildings and remain vigilant in identifying water waste.

According to CNN, California continues to battle this major drought and some innovators are turning to technology for solutions. While technology to monitor drought conditions is still being perfected, there are ways your company can take action now to decrease water usage.

Our free online toolkit contains great resources to help other organizational leaders and facility managers jump-start their water management programs and realize potential water savings of 14-40 percent.

We encourage you and your company to investigate the toolkit and to check out recent media coverage.