I’ve been inspiring people for more than 30 years. I love the path my life has taken, but I also find it humorous at times. We were just kids from Queens, NY who were following a dream back in the 1980s with RUN DMC. Little did we know that our beats and rhymes would inspire an entire generation of kids to follow the hip-hop movement from California to Korea.

As the culture skyrocketed, so did my career in music. I always say it was when I reached the top that I hit the bottom. I was at the highest level in the entertainment industry with hit records, accolades and all the money I could ever want. But I felt an emptiness on the inside. Some of the people around me and behaviors we shared were counterproductive. I knew there was more to life than material things. This is when I found God and through teaching went from being just RUN to REV RUN.

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