This weekend, one of the most popular music events in the country took place in a park in downtown San Francisco. More than 300,000 attendees came for the concerts, food, and art. But, once they got to the festival, fans were snapping selfies and using their mobile devices to connect and meet up with friends all over the park.

That’s why we enhanced our coverage and capacity ahead of this festival. We rolled out five Cells on Wheels (COWs) and added 50 percent more LTE capacity compared to last year. We also rolled out the Cheese Wheel Antenna, one of the largest cellular antennas in the world. This year marked the first time that these antennas were used at this San Francisco music festival.

And all of these network enhancements helped our customers stay connected. Some AT&T mobile network traffic highlights from the first weekend of the music festival in Golden Gate Park include:

More than 7 TB of data crossed our mobile network at the festival over the first three days combined.

7 TB of data is equal to:

  • More than 21M social media posts with photos
  • More than 40 percent more total mobile data use compared to last year
  • 311 GB used during the peak hour of the festival
    -More than 30 percent increase compared to last year