With school in full swing, many families are losing the time they had together during the summer. The  few hours families have together after school, kids are spending on their phones. AT&T Smart Limits allows parents to turn off data, calling and texting abilities for certain periods of time, like dinner time. Not only does this allow for more family time, but the app can also help eliminate distractions, unexpected mobile charges and monitor phone usage.

With Smart Limits, gone are the days of unexpected mobile content charges. You can limit the purchases of apps, music and games on your AT&T bill. The app also allows you to block numbers and see who your kids are communicating with. Learn more about the app in the video above.

AT&T Smart Limits: A compatible phone with eligible data plan is required. Data and messaging rates may apply for app download and usage. General: Technical, network, and other service limitations may apply. Coverage is not available everywhere. Feature and functionality varies by operating system. Intended for U.S. service only. App may use personal information. This use is governed by the AT&T Privacy Policy found at att.com/privacy. Other charges and restrictions may apply.