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For students, the last year of high school can be filled with anxiety and questions. Do I move away or stay close to my parents? Do I apply for college? What if I don’t get in? What should be my major?

Without a doubt, it can be a very stressful time for both parents and students. And while students may have a basic understanding of the current job market and professions out there, nothing compares to real-life experiences and mentorships.



In the late 90s, our Hispanic/Latino Association of AT&T, HACEMOS, created “real-world” experiences for minority students across the country. They came up with National High Technology Day, where students learn about app design and circuitry, tour company labs and participate in hands-on activities.

In its 16th year, I’m proud to say this group has touched the lives of thousands of students and influenced many career decisions. The feedback we receive year after year is rewarding. Students thank us for “helping them rethink their future,” and describe their experience as “inspiring.” 

This year’s HACEMOS High Tech Day is Feb. 27, 2014, in more than 30 U.S. and Puerto Rico cities.  High school students will explore AT&T facilities and enjoy a day of technology and motivational immersion. 

The theme this year is: Tomorrow Begins Now! ¡El Futuro Empieza Hoy! 

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For more information on HACEMOS, a 501(c)3 organization, click here.

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