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To honor National Mentoring Month, MENTOR released survey findings on the linkage between young people who are mentored and their significant positive life outcomes.  Based on conversations with more than 1,100 youth ages 18-21, three main areas were outlined on the topics of mentoring and relationships within the survey:

1.)    Mentoring’s Connection to Aspirations and Outcomes

2.)    The Value of Mentors

3.)    The Availability of Mentors

Results also identified a substantial mentoring gap  for at-risk youth in the U.S. One in three young people reported they never had a mentor while growing up – meaning 9 million at-risk young will reach the age of 19 without ever having a mentor.


If that’s not reason enough to become a mentor, here are three more incentives to kick-off your 2014 by becoming a mentor:

  • Mentoring can and will change your life.
  • Mentoring can help to bridge the generation gap.
  • Mentoring is an investment in our future.

“Corporate employees all across the nation can fill this need by fostering mentoring relationships that can help set young people up for a lifetime of success,” said Charlene Lake, AT&T Chief Sustainability Officer and Senior Vice President for Public Affairs.

For the top 10 reasons on why mentoring  works and five ways to ensure quality mentoring, visit the National Mentoring Month website.

To learn more about the advantages and outcomes of mentoring read the complete news release or visit the Aspire Mentoring Academy website.