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Dallas became the epicenter of the sports world this past week, hosting the NCAA ® Men’s Final Four ®. Many basketball fans attending the games acted like amateur sports reporters for family and friends by sharing the biggest moments via their mobile devices.

To prep for the big event, our network team put on a full-court press to help ensure a seamless network experience for our customers. The result of our efforts showed on the scoreboard. The network numbers turned out by our customers at AT&T Stadium were higher than ever before at the NCAA ® Men’s Final Four ®.

Here’s what we saw from our customers using our Distributed Antenna System (DAS) network:

  • Total data usage from inside the stadium was more than 885GB for all three games – the most ever for an NCAA ® Men’s Final Four ® on our in-stadium mobile network. 885GB is the equivalent to 2.53M social media posts with photos.
  • Across both the in-stadium mobile network and outdoor mobile network in the parking lot areas, we had more than 1268GB cross our network for all three games. 1268GB is the equivalent to more than 4143 hours of streaming HD video.
  • The amount of content uploaded and downloaded skyrocketed. As a result of fans sending and receiving videos, photos, and more. On Saturday, fans uploaded and downloaded the most data from 6-7pm CST. During this hour 81 GB crossed our in-stadium mobile network.

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