Contact AT&T media relations with inquiries about our disaster response.
Contact AT&T media relations with inquiries about our disaster response.

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January 13, 2023, 2:40 p.m. PT

Overall, our wireless network continues to perform well in areas affected by severe weather in California. Our teams will continue to monitor and respond to any network impacts as additional rounds of storms move through the state. Our priority is to keep our customers connected, and we know this need is even greater before, during and after any major storm event.

Through rain, mud or snow, our technicians have been working diligently to access the few remaining cell sites that have been impacted by the severe weather. This includes our site at Gibraltar Peak, where our technicians and the FirstNet Response Operations Group (ROG) worked to restore wireless service. With the access road washed away by heavy debris, our technicians hiked two miles to reach this site before their work could begin. Our crew also worked closely with local public safety to have generator fuel air lifted to the hilltop so that service could be restored to Montecito. 

Our technicians also accessed another cell site by helicopter and worked to restore a cell site and generator in Mono County that were buried in several feet of snow.  

FirstNet Response Operations Group (ROG) – led by former first responders – is working around the clock to support public safety’s emergency communications and has liaisons engaged with local and federal agencies. The AT&T Weather Operations Center is coordinating with FirstNet ROG to provide custom, near real-time risk analyses to best guide the deployment and continued posture of potential assets in the field. The FirstNet team continues to support public safety and FirstNet subscribers with an on-air communications solution currently in Santa Cruz County.

Power restoration and debris cleanup continues, adding to the improvement of our wireline restoration work in Northern California. Customers experiencing issues with their AT&T service can reach us at, on the myAT&T app or over the phone at 800-288-2020. Wireline customers can also visit to sign up for one-time service restoration text alerts.

In addition, customers can visit our retail stores. To check store locations and hours, visit

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January 11, 2023, 8:40 a.m. PT

As California experiences torrential downpours and damaging winds, we are ready with one of the industry’s largest and most advanced disaster response programs to help keep wireless communications running during times of disaster. We have restoration crews on standby and our local and national recovery/response teams are prepared to deploy a fleet of network recovery equipment to affected areas, as needed. We also have FirstNet liaisons embedded in state and federal Emergency Operations Centers (EOCs) to help ensure first responders continue to have the mobile connectivity and devices they need.

Overall, our wireless network is experiencing minor impacts at this time. All of our major network facilities remain online, although a few are operating on a backup power source. Customers in affected areas may be experiencing wireline service interruptions due to widespread flooding and commercial power outages in their area.

Our 24/7 AT&T Weather Operations Center, which includes a team of meteorologists, continues to monitor the storm and its impacts while communicating with local network teams. Ahead of the storm, we deployed hundreds of backup generators. Where it is safe to do so, we are deploying additional backup power to our facilities and refueling generators as needed.

In California, we invested nearly $8.3 billion in our wireless and wireline networks from 2019-2021 and millions more in our Network Disaster Recovery (NDR) efforts that include pre-storm preparations such as staging our fleet of NDR equipment and support trailers, as well as dedicated assets from the FirstNet fleet.

Customers experiencing issues with their AT&T service can reach us at, on the myAT&T app or over the phone at 800-288-2020. Wireline customers can also visit to sign up for one-time service restoration text alerts for home phone and internet.

Customer Relief

Wireline Waiver

January 05, 2023, 2:50 p.m. PT, updated January 11, 2023, 11:45 a.m. PT

Effective December 27, 2022 through January 31, 2024, AT&T wireline or VoIP telephone customers in affected areas* who were impacted by the December 2022-January 2023 winter storms can call 877-241-1787 (option 2) for customer assistance including waiver of fees for remote call forwarding and voicemail. For additional information on wireline residential and small business waivers, please click here.

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