Our employees come from all walks of life to connect people to their world – anywhere, anytime and on any device. They come from different cultures, practice different religions, speak different languages and represent different genders and sexual identities. This diversity of perspectives and experiences enables us to move quicker, innovate faster and deliver the solutions our customers really want.

Commitment to our Employees

Diversity and inclusion start on the inside. As a company built on innovation, AT&T understands a variety of viewpoints broadens the scope of possibility. We are a mix of generations, genders, cultures and life experiences. When we bring all of who we are to work, we can far exceed what we can do alone.

We create an environment where employees can thrive. Where their differences make us a stronger company and a great place to build a career. A place where every voice matters and all have a chance to succeed.

Our global team of diverse, talented, committed people is essential to our success. We have an advantage when we move into new markets because we have employees who represent those cultures and guide us on the best approach to these new customers. As we have expanded our presence in Mexico, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East and Asian Pacific countries, we’ve used our diversity and inclusion principles to create benefits and policies that make AT&T one of the best places to work in those countries – for everyone.

Our Employee Groups

AT&T has 12 Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) and 13 employee networks (ENs), with over with over 130,000 combined memberships. Through these organizations, members grow professionally and personally, help the company achieve its annual goals and serve people in their communities.

Our ERGs are open to all employees and reflect our company’s diversity. The ERGs include representation for women, black employees, Asian/Pacific Islander employees, Hispanic/Latino employees, Native American employees, LGBTQ+ employees, employees with disabilities, and those who are military veterans, young professionals and experienced career professionals. As nonprofit organizations, our ERGs awarded $882,000 in scholarships and logged 388,000 volunteer hours supporting numerous causes in 2017.   

Our ENs also are open to all employees and, like the ERGs, are created and managed by employees, but they are not formal nonprofit organizations. The ENs are organized around cross-functional diversity and generally focus on specific business or professional development issues. Of the 13 ENs, six are U.S.-based and seven are international. Our ENs logged more than 24,000 volunteer hours in 2017 to various causes.

Download and review our D&I Annual Report for detailed information regarding our ERGs and ENs. 


An estimated 57 million Americans live with a disability. This represents about 20 percent of the civilian population and 50 percent of adults aged 65 and older.

We at AT&T ensure that all employees and community members can connect with their world. This includes people with disabilities and communications challenges. We roll out products and services that can help people with disabilities become more independent. We advocate on causes with them and on their behalf – and we employ over 4,300 people with disabilities in a wide range of jobs nationwide. Learn more at AT&T Accessibility. →                                                 

We have relationships with Career Opportunities for Students with Disabilities and actively recruit college graduates with disabilities. Our Corporate Accessibility Technology Office helps AT&T make products and services accessible to people with disabilities. The AT&T Advisory Panel on Access & Aging fosters relationships with our employee groups, including Ability and AT&T Veterans.  

AT&T has a long history of empowering people with disabilities – and we work hard each year to create more inclusive experiences for more customers and employees, so we can all progress and achieve.

Training and Career Development

Our employees are our company. That's why we provide our employees with award-winning, state-of-the-art learning opportunities to support their career development.

We’re recognized as a long-time leader in career development for our investment in employee training. As AT&T and the larger business world continue to evolve, we’re working to inspire a culture of continuous learning.

During the year, 100% of employees have performance reviews and receive feedback on results and demonstrated leadership. Career discussions are conducted with employees, focusing on short- and long-term career planning. Learn about the programs offered as well are how we engage our employees. Visit the AT&T Good Jobs Issue Brief summary page.  It covers how we equip our employees to be future ready as we transform our business.  More information here: Good Jobs Issue Brief

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