It was the bottom of the first inning at Monday's Major League Baseball (MLB) game in Denver between the Colorado Rockies and the competing team. It wasn't looking good for the home team.

Then Rockies third baseman Nolan Arenado stepped up to the plate.

He swung. And things got electric.

Jenny Cavnar

Busting down a barrier

"That ball is shot into left field," announced Jenny Cavnar, who works as a commentator for AT&T SportsNet Rocky Mountain. "Fire up the fountains—she's gone!"

As the Coors Field fountains gushed, Jenny joined a very small group of female sports announcers to call play-by-play during an MLB game. In fact, she's the first in 25 years.

By the end of the game, sports websites and news outlets were already running stories about Jenny's historic call. The coverage continued well into the next few days.

"I'm not looking to be a pioneer or do anything different," she said about her commentator role during an earlier press interview. "I'm just looking to be me, add my personality to the game and the way I see the game of baseball. I hope that comes across."

This is not the first time Jenny was part of sports history. She, along with a freelancer and 2 other AT&T SportsNet employees Alison Vigil and Erica Ferrero, formed a unique all-female production team to produce a broadcast during a Spring Training game earlier this year. That's not typical in the sports industry. In fact, Jenny had her own form of Spring Training by calling play-by-play in that game to hone her skills so that someday she could call a game during the regular season.

The current play-by-play announcer was not available to work Monday's game. As the production team searched for a replacement, Jenny naturally came to mind. They knew she was eager to get behind the play-by-play mic and had been preparing for an opportunity like this for some time. Both the producers and Jenny saw it as a chance to bring her talents into the booth.

A Colorado native, Jenny played softball in high school and is married to a former pitcher in the White Sox organization.

Interesting facts:

Jenny is just the third woman to ever call play-by-play for an MLB game. Her prestigious company includes a woman who is considered a pioneer in sports broadcasting. The woman served as a sports anchor for two major networks before becoming the first female play-by-play announcer on a telecast when she called a game in 1993.

No. 2 on the list is another female announcer who does occasional radio play-by-play for an iconic New York baseball team.