Join us for an exclusive event at the Palace of Fine Arts Theatre in San Francisco on September 10, 2018.

AT&T Spark will explore how 5G will transform and enable new technology experiences with AI, edge computing, immersive entertainment, and open source and software-defined networks.

Get a glimpse into R&D explorations.

Interact with technology demos.

Engage in an open dialogue with industry leaders and AT&T executives. View our full list of speakers here.

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We’re collaborating with Tech Mahindra to build an open source, artificial intelligence (AI) platform, called Acumos. The platform, hosted by The Linux Foundation, will make building, sharing and deploying AI applications easier.

AI was born in 1950 and is not going away anytime soon. Are you ready to unlock the potential and continue the growing AI revolution?

AT&T stays one step ahead of innovation with technology and inventions, like Project Air Gig, which enable ultra-fast connections nearly anywhere.

See how the AT&T Foundry and Hanger, Inc. worked together to gather data and improve quality of life for people with prosthetics.