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100% Fiber Network Powered by AT&T Fiber Live in 72 Metros and Underway in 12 More

To continue to improve how our customers connect, AT&T* has launched ultra-fast internet service in parts of Evansville, Ind. We continue to work to bring our 100% fiber network powered by AT&T Fiber℠ to parts of 12 additional metro areas by the end of this year, plus a handful of others.

Fiber metro_map 091818

In 2018, we’ve added 3 million locations to now reach more than 10 million locations across 72 metros nationwide where we market our ultra-fast low-latency internet service powered by AT&T Fiber. We plan to reach at least 14 million locations across at least 84 metro areas by the end of 2019.

This expansion furthers our lead as the largest provider of fiber across the 21 states where we offer home internet service.

We’re also the nation’s largest provider of fiber for business services. Currently, we cover more than 2 million business customer locations. With fiber, businesses can access innovative solutions like highly-secure networking, cloud computing and video conferencing & collaboration tools.

By investing in adding backhaul over our vast fiber network, and bringing fiber to area homes and businesses, we’re ramping up to be prepared for the launch of 5G in the Evansville area when the time comes. Our continued investment in the convergence of fiber and 5G and the future of connectivity unlocks faster speeds and better experiences for education, business, entertainment and more. 

An ultra-fast internet connection powered by AT&T Fiber lets you quickly access and stream the latest online movies, music and games. You can easily telecommute, video-conference, upload and download photos and videos, and connect faster to the cloud.

Eligible locations can choose from a range of internet speed plans on our 100% fiber network. Plans are designed to deliver the same speeds up and down. These plans include AT&T Internet 100, AT&T Internet 300 and AT&T Internet 1000.2

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