Generación DIRECTV initiative organized a volunteer project for employees to support victims of Hurricane Maria, which devastated the region in 2017.

AT&T is committed to promoting positive change in education and sustainability, as well as implementing volunteering and philanthropic efforts. Generación DIRECTV, one of the company’s corporate social responsibility initiatives, has developed programs like ESCUELA +, FACIUNI Scholarships, Piedra Papel Tijera and The Forum that have had a lasting impact throughout the region.

In March, Piedra Papel Tijera, a Generación DIRECTV program, brought together employees from throughout the Americas to assist people affected by the devastation that Hurricane Maria caused in Puerto Rico in 2017.

More than 100 volunteers and partners from Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, México, Perú, Puerto Rico, Uruguay, the United States and Venezuela descended on Loiza, Puerto Rico, were catastrophic damage occurred. Volunteers donated their time to help rebuild seven homes and one farm owned by victims of the natural disaster, who were still in need of support and resources more than one year after the tragic events.

"Our teams arrived in Puerto Rico 18 months after the hurricanes hit, and families are still in need of resources and support, even though the news has long passed. The fourth edition of Piedra Papel Tijera, was born from our team’s desire to help the people of Puerto Rico. We brought together 150 volunteers with the common objective to help those in need and leave a mark in the community,” said Enzo Dotto, manager of Corporate Social Responsibility Content, Communications, LATAM Philanthropy & CSR Puerto Rico Support.

Volunteers from AT&T, Vrio Corp., DIRECTV, SKY Brasil, Foundation for Puerto Rico and Hyatt Place+House participated in the activity.

"All of the Piedra, Papel, Tijera initiatives I have participated in, both local and regional, have been incredible experiences. The regional ones reflect a diversity of volunteers, beneficiaries and cultures. It was wonderful to see people from so many different backgrounds come together to help in the reconstruction of Puerto Rico", says Alejandra Pizarro, Head of ESCUELA +.

AT&T continues to be present in assisting the people affected by the natural disaster in that region.

The documentary of this project will be shown on OnDIRECTV in September, as part of the program’s 10th season.