Westside Works’ CommunityNET Program Connecting More Westside Residents to Workforce Training and Employment Opportunities

Thanks to $250,000 Contribution from AT&T

AT&T Delivering on Commitment to Atlanta’s Westside with #BelieveAtlanta

Efforts to help Westside residents connect to a positive future got a boost as AT&T contributed $250,000 to Westside Works, a long-term neighborhood program focused on creating employment opportunities and job training for Westside community residents.

AT&T’s contribution allows Westside Works to expand their CommunityNET program and to increase access to critical services that foster job preparation and career success. The curriculum includes skills assessments, skills training, job readiness including resume preparation, job placement, case management and additional wrap-around services.

Westside Works and AT&T are passionate about the strength and success of Atlanta’s residents. And, as part of Believe AtlantaSM, the 20,000 AT&T employees who call the Atlanta area home are collaborating with community leaders on key programs like CommunityNET to help tackle the challenges of poverty and skills gaps in Atlanta’s Westside.

“It’s great to work with companies like AT&T who share the mission of uplifting our Westside communities and offering hope and promise to all Atlantans,” said Reverend Howard Beckham, founder and CEO of Integrity Transformations CDC, the managing partner of Westside Works. “Collaboration is essential to creating building blocks for job success and driving positive change for Westside residents. As I’ve said many times, the more we, the more I can do.”

Upon completion of the CommunityNET program, graduates are eligible for employment by the Westside Beautification Project, a collaboration between Westside Works, Westside Future Fund, Park Pride and the City of Atlanta Parks and Recreation Department. Westside Beautification Project employees are tasked with maintaining 3 Westside community parks – Vine City, Lindsey Street and Mattie Freeland, earning a living, enhancing skills and building a resume while giving back to their community.

“CommunityNET is an amazing program that helped build my confidence and prepare me for a bright future,” said DaVale Davis, a CommunityNET graduate, who now holds the position of Westside Beautification Project Coordinator. “The Westside community is an important part of Atlanta, and Westside Works and companies like AT&T make sure residents like me have opportunities to achieve.”

In addition to providing financial support, AT&T is hosting Career Days for Westside Works’ participants. On a regular basis, AT&T employees will provide one-on-one instruction in resume development, soft skills training including interview preparation, digital literacy and job search skilling.

“AT AT&T, we are committed to helping people connect with opportunities that offer promise and pathways to achieve success,” said Venessa Harrison, president of AT&T Georgia. “Through Believe AtlantaSM, the thousands of AT&T employees who call the Atlanta area home, are collaborating with key community organizations like Westside Works to ensure Westside residents receive the resources needed to support them today and to build better futures for them – futures full of opportunity and success.”

The $250,000 contribution to Westside Works brings the total of AT&T contributions since January 2018 to more than $1 million to numerous projects with key community organizations like Westside Works committed to Atlanta’s historic Westside.

For more information on Believe AtlantaSM and Westside Works, please visit https://believeatlanta.att.com and http://www.westsideworks.org/, respectively.