AT&T Announces Preliminary Results of 2020 Annual Meeting

At its annual meeting of stockholders today, AT&T Inc.* (NYSE:T) announced that each of the 13 nominees to the company’s board of directors were reelected for one-year terms. Each member received at least 92.7% of the shares voted. The board members are:

Additionally, AT&T stockholders voted to approve the following items proposed by the board of directors:

  • The appointment of Ernst & Young LLP as the company’s independent auditor (95.8% of votes cast in favor).
  • In an advisory vote, the compensation of AT&T’s executive officers, as described in the 2020 proxy statement (87.9% of votes cast in favor).

All three shareholder proposals were defeated by a large margin: independent chairman (59.8% of votes cast against), employee representative director (92.3% of votes cast against) and guiding principles of executive compensation (91.3% of votes cast against).

When final voting results are available, they will be filed with the SEC and posted on the AT&T Investor Relations website and on AT&T’s proxy voting website.