AT&T Helping Small Businesses Virtualize, Survive and Thrive in Challenging Times 

What’s the news? AT&T* is launching a new wireless service discount, waiving home internet data overage charges for AT&T Internet customers through December 31, and offering free expert guidance and other resources to help small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) save money and virtualize their businesses to survive and thrive despite the impacts of COVID-19. 

How do small businesses benefit? Our new offer allows qualifying business customers to get $10/mo. off for the life of service on an eligible Unlimited plan1, when they purchase a new smartphone on installment and have qualifying AT&T Internet or AT&T Business Fiber Service.2 It’s designed to help small businesses make the most out of their connectivity to keep their businesses up and running – whether they’re in the office, or on the go. 

Many small business owners are navigating support for their customers from home and at their business, so we’re automatically waiving home internet data overage charges for AT&T Internet customers through year-end. That means new and existing AT&T FiberSM and AT&T Internet customers can use unlimited data and won’t see overage charges on their home internet bill through December 31. And, all AT&T new and existing customers, whether buying or upgrading their smartphone device for personal or business use can now take advantage of a broad array of smartphone deals we recently announced

Why is this important? According to a September Alignable survey of 6,325 small-business owners, 42% of respondents said they risk business failure in 4Q 2020. 

Why do small businesses need to virtualize? Recent global studies of consumer buying show more than 36% of consumers shop online weekly since the beginning of COVID-19, up from 28% pre-COVID-19, and only 5% plan to try a product in-store in the next 6 months.

Connectivity, e-commerce, and the know-how to succeed online have never been more important for small businesses.3

What else is AT&T doing to help small businesses? When the pandemic began, we began offering SMBs resources, payment relief and other remedies to help them cope. In addition to our new offers, we’re doubling-down with more resources to help them succeed:

  • Social Media and Going Virtual Playbooks - We’ve launched free step-by-step guides to help small businesses understand how to virtualize their business to create a 24/7 selling cycle and use the power of digital to meet customers where they feel most comfortable. Our playbooks provide actionable steps for small businesses needing to pivot amid the pandemic. They include detailed guidance to help businesses harness the power of e-commerce, digital marketing and social media, and cybersecurity: offering a blueprint for how small businesses can seize marketplace advantage with virtualized operations, workforce, workspace and customer service.
  • Barbara Corcoran Webinar Series - We are sponsoring a series of free webinars featuring expert entrepreneur Barbara Corcoran of ABC’s “Shark Tank.” The webinars feature Ms. Corcoran and small business founders and experts who provide insights, advice and guidance to help small businesses – restaurants, retailers, hospitality and more – learn how to adapt and grow personally and professionally. Their stories offer lessons every business can benefit from.
  • AT&T Aspire Accelerator is currently hosting its second $1 Million Skills Building Challenge to locate, support and mentor startups working to redefine how students prepare for promising futures. More than 40 startups have participated in the Aspire Accelerator, including 70% women-led companies and 51% minority-led companies.

How are small businesses benefitting from AT&T? Our core connectivity and advanced technologies are helping small businesses transform their operations, improve operational efficiencies and succeed in a challenging business environment marked by the accelerated shift to online everything.  We’re there when they need us most. Some examples include: 

  • Constant Companion provides network-connected smart speakers to home healthcare agencies, hospitals and assisted living facilities in 197 cities and towns across the U.S. The smart speakers allow the sick, disabled, elderly and infirm to easily connect to care providers in real time. Constant Companion uses our IoT platform to provide users a seamless experience to connect with others.
  • PMG Ventures is an Atlanta-based custom designer, fabricator and manufacturer of food shields for restaurant equipment dealers and food service consultants. With the arrival of COVID-19, demand for PMG’s sneeze guards and safety glass skyrocketed just as PMG was launching a new company and trying to transition employees to work from home. They needed to upgrade their voice and data networks and handle new demands on their system: simultaneously supporting large data file transfers and a remote workforce. We provided AT&T Dedicated Internet to deliver all the bandwidth they need to support ultra-fast download and upload speeds. We also provided them AT&T Office@Hand, a flexible cloud-based solution that gives their staff voice calling, fax, text messaging, audio and video conferencing, and collaboration tools to help them remain productive from home or the office.
  • Treker is a communication platform powered by AT&T IoT that enhances student safety and provides tools for school bus drivers, parents, and administrators. AT&T supplies the bandwidth, Internet of Things (IoT) expertise, and highly secure connectivity that enables Treker’s  unique tracking solution to give parents peace of mind through near-real-time data on the location of buses and students. “Without AT&T connectivity, there would be no Treker. We rely on the strength and reliability of the AT&T network,” says Treker President Gina McDuffie.

“On any given day, small businesses are confronted by myriad challenges to keep the lights on. COVID-19 compounds this challenge. It’s important they understand how to go virtual to reach their customers: using digital connectivity to improve operational efficiency, maintain and grow their customer base, and support their dispersed employees.”

Barbara Corcoran, Founder, The Corcoran Group

“Today, all businesses are in the technology business. Thanks to the power of connections, business owners can keep both their physical and virtual doors open while also creating new experiences for their customers and teams.”

Anne Chow, CEO, AT&T Business

“With consumer habits moving to more digital and touchless, brand loyalty is out the window. The best news is that small and nimble can win in this environment. Small and medium businesses can meet customers where they feel most comfortable and bring new value outside of a physical store through unique experiences. We’re delivering the solutions and resources to help them thrive.”

Stacey Marx, President, AT&T National Business and Channels

Where can I find more information? Go here for more information about AT&T for small businesses. 

AT&T may temporarily slow data speeds if the network is busy. Eligible plans include AT&T Business Unlimited Starter, AT&T Business Unlimited Performance, and AT&T Business Unlimited Elite. 

2 Subj. to Change. Avail. only to qual. business customers. Req’s new line and min. $100 on installment agmt. Receive $10/mo. credit on wireless svc for the duration of continued bundle. Charges apply for eligible wireless and Internet services. Internet service address must match wireless billing address. Credits start w/in 3 bills. If svc cancelled, credits stop & device balance due. Limit 10 credits per account. Add’l fees, taxes & other charges, limits & restr’s apply. 

3 Selligent July survey of 5,000 consumers in North American and Europe and The New Store Shopper in High-Touch Retail, conducted by Incisiv.