Series featuring top Latin artists to premiere on OnDIRECTV and DIRECTV GO in June

DIRECTV announced today that the highly acclaimed music series, A TINY AUDIENCE, will premiere on their exclusive entertainment channel, OnDIRECTV, the streaming platform DIRECTV GO and the DIRECTV 4K: Ultra HD Channel.  The series will also be exclusive to DIRECTV GO in Mexico.

A TINY AUDIENCE is a series of intimate music specials featuring multiple chart-topping Latin musicians, live and unfiltered, who not only reveal a personal secret to the “tiny” audience before them but also perform songs that are especially meaningful to them.

Viewers will also hear never before shared insights into many of their favorite songs.

Viewers can expect to see new episodes each week featuring artists such as Juanes, Natti Natasha, Sebastián Yatra, Jackie Cruz, Nacho, Cami, Sech, Danny Ocean, Piso 21, Alejandra Guzmán, Jesse & Joy, Natalia Jimenez, Tommy Torres, Diego Torres, Draco Rosa, Ally Brooke, Fonseca, Vicente García, Mon Laferte, Debi Nova and La Santa Cecilia, among others.  The series was produced by February Entertainment LLC with Maurice Keizer and Christiana Carroll Executive Producers.

“We are thrilled to add A TINY AUDIENCE to our renowned concert line-up for our viewers in Mexico, South America and the Caribbean.  This acquisition is the first example of a wonderful collaboration between HBO Latino – the dedicated Spanish-language HBO channel targeted to the U.S. Latino audience – to bring culturally relevant content virtually across the Americas,” stated Willard Tressel, General Manager of OnDIRECTV.  He concluded, “in short, this celebration of Latin music is only possible because of the vision and initial investment of HBO Latino and, for that, we salute them.”

“HBO Latino has been a longtime supporter of Latino artists, so we are delighted DIRECTV will bring A TINY AUDIENCE to an even wider international audience,” said Lucinda Martinez, Executive Vice President of Multicultural Marketing, Brand & Inclusion Strategy, WarnerMedia Entertainment. “With Latin music growing at a rapid rate, we saw the importance of bringing a music series like A TINY AUDIENCE to our subscribers in the U.S. market to continue elevating the importance of Latin music and we are thrilled DIRECTV is making the series available to more people across Latin America.”

One of the protagonists of the show, Colombian singer Juanes noted, “It was a true pleasure to participate in A TINY AUDIENCE series. I really enjoyed creating new, stripped down arrangements for my songs to fit the acoustic format, and the close audience connection from the intimate staging.  It’s wonderful to see DIRECTV supporting Latin musicians with such a strongly produced show.”

OnDIRECTV is the recognized leader in music programming in Latin America, featuring the world’s biggest festivals, the hottest acts, musical icons and feature music documentaries.

A TINY AUDIENCE will launch exclusively on June 5th on OnDIRECTV and DIRECTV 4K Ultra HD*:

Premieres Friday, June 5th featuring Sebastián Yatra, Natti Natasha, Juanes and Jackie Cruz.
9 p.m. in Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Uruguay.
10 p.m. in Chile and Venezuela.

Special tribute to Juan Luis Guerra, including Fonseca, Nacho (of Chino & Nacho), Vicente Garcia and Tommy Torres.
10 p.m. in Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Uruguay.
11 p.m. in Chile and Venezuela.

Friday, June 12th: Piso 21, Mon Laferte, Natalia Jimenez, Fonseca and Diego Torres.
9 p.m. in Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Uruguay.
10 p.m. in Chile and Venezuela.

Friday, June 19th: Draco Rosa, Cami, Jesse y Joy, Tommy Torres and Debi Nova.
9 p.m. in Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Uruguay.
10 p.m.  in Chile and Venezuela.

Friday, June 26th: Danny Ocean, Alejandra Guzman, Vicente García, La Santa Cecilia, SECH and Ally Brooke.
9 p.m. in Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Uruguay.
10 p.m. in Chile and Venezuela.

Starting June 6th, the series will be available on demand on the streaming platform DIRECTV GO.   

Programming Information:
OnDIRECTV SD (Canal 201)
OnDIRECTV HD (Canal 1201)
DIRECTV 4K: Ultra HD (Canal 4000)

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