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AT&T Wins J.D. Power 2020 Business Wireline Satisfaction Awards for Large Enterprise and Small/Medium Business

Ranked Highest in all Six Factors in Both Segments, Wins Large Business for Third Straight Year  

AT&T* earned the J.D. Power 2020 U.S. Business Wireline Satisfaction awards for both Large Enterprise and Small/Medium Business. In both segments, AT&T ranked highest in all 6 factors – performance and reliability; cost of service; communications; sales representatives and account executives; billing; and customer service.

This recognition demonstrates our dedicated focus on continuously improving customer service. For nearly 2 years, the Global Operations & Services team (now called the Customer Service & Operations team) in AT&T Business has successfully been transforming its operations.

“We’re committed to providing our customers with industry-best customer experience, leadership, and service that they can count on when doing business with us,” said Sorabh Saxena, executive vice president – Customer Service & Operations – AT&T Business. “Everything starts and ends with our customers. Their success is our mission. We are striving to continuously listen and continuously improve. That’s our culture. We call it customer success obsessed.”

Leading with Listening to Customers and Employees Alike

We are always listening to our employees, both sellers and operators, and our customers. Leading with listening is essential to understanding our performance and areas of opportunities across the various dimensions of operations. If employees are experiencing friction, the customer will feel the effects. Therefore, we believe that enhancing employee experiences is just as imperative as effortless customer experiences.

We listen to the voice of the customer - which comes through millions of surveys, advisory boards and direct interactions. We’re using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to anticipate customer needs – striving to identify issues and opportunities before our customers report them.

And we listen to the voice of our employees – both sellers and operators – through hundreds of frontline and manager interviews. We perform deep evaluation of roles and hold extensive process and system reviews to ensure delivery of the best customer experience. 

Adept at Adapting – Keeping Customers Connected During COVID-19

During a disaster or period of unpredictability, customers look to us for support and stability. The COVID-19 pandemic has proven that technology can have a far-reaching, profoundly positive impact on how we live, work, communicate, educate our children, treat patients, and so much more.

Shortly after the start of the pandemic, AT&T set up virtual COVID-19 Command Centers. Over the past few months, through these Centers, we’ve supported the critical needs of thousands of customers to pivot their businesses so they can continue operations in the new reality. Customers include those providing essential services - hospitals, healthcare facilities and labs, trauma centers, financial institutions, federal, state and local governments, K-12 and higher education, utilities, and the food and beverage industry.            

From mid-March through May, we delivered over 16,000 communication services requests for businesses and we did so ultra-fast – at 80% improved cycle time vs. business as usual. It took hundreds of innovations, delivered at great speed. And AT&T employees were practicing a culture of borderless collaboration in the service of our customers.

It’s a true reflection of people, process, technology and culture coming together to continually transform and deliver step-function improvements.