AT&T Announces Preliminary Results of 2021 Annual Meeting

At its annual meeting of stockholders today, AT&T Inc.* (NYSE:T) announced that each of the 12 nominees to the company’s board of directors were reelected for one-year terms. The board members are:

  • William Kennard
  • Samuel Di Piazza, Jr.
  • Scott Ford
  • Glenn Hutchins
  • Debra Lee
  • Stephen Luczo
  • Michael McCallister
  • Beth Mooney
  • Matthew Rose
  • John Stankey
  • Cynthia Taylor
  • Geoffrey Yang

Additionally, AT&T stockholders voted to approve the appointment of Ernst & Young LLP as the company’s independent auditor (95.8% of votes cast in favor).

In an advisory vote, the compensation of AT&T’s executive officers, as described in the 2021 proxy statement, received 48.9% of votes cast in favor.

“Given the dynamic markets in which we operate, the Board is laser-focused on attracting and retaining the talent necessary to deliver on our strategic objectives and create shareholder value,” said William Kennard, chairman of AT&T’s board of directors. “Over the years, shareholder feedback has helped us design a compensation program that pays for performance, is competitive for key talent, and aligns the interests of executives and stockholders. As we further engage with our owners on this important topic, the Board will carefully consider today’s advisory vote to ensure that our approach to compensation continues to reflect these principles.” 

A stockholder proposal regarding stockholder action by written consent was defeated with 71.7% of votes cast against.

When final voting results are available, they will be filed with the SEC and posted on the AT&T Investor Relations website and on AT&T’s proxy voting website.