AT&T 5G Tackles Summer Learning Loss with Interactive, Immersive Math Experiences for Boddle App

AT&T teams with Boddle, a 3D math app, to help launch its first multiplayer AR game.

Families with an AT&T 5G device will have an exclusive augmented reality mode, that places their gamified learning experience in real-world environments

What’s the news? We’re joining forces with Boddle to help K-6 teachers and parents keep their students engaged both in and out of the classroom. Used by teachers and parents in all 50 states Boddle helps tailor math instruction to students’ needs in a fun and exciting way. With summer break quickly approaching, it’s important to help kids maintain knowledge outside of the classroom. That’s why we’re introducing new in-app features that will help supplement and enhance lessons through immersive, interactive experiences with the help of AT&T 5G.1

Starting today, anyone can play the new, multiplayer Pet Battles game available on the Boddle app and made possible with the collaboration with AT&T 5G. This game introduces player vs. player functionality into the app for the first time, giving students the option to play against their peers in near real-time – regardless of grade-level. That’s because artificial intelligence (AI) customizes math questions for each player based on their learning needs. We’re also adding an augmented reality (AR) feature within the game exclusively for AT&T customers with an AT&T 5G device to enrich the experience, so kids can place the puzzle and characters in their real-world environments while they learn and play with their peers.2

Why does 5G matter? By gamifying this experience with AT&T 5G, we’re building the foundation for a rich and immersive education. We’re uncovering new ways for the classroom to meet the student where they are – instead of the other way around. That’s why AT&T 5G and startups like Boddle, a 2019 AT&T* Accelerator alum and Pitches with Purpose winner, are taking the pivotal step to help remove barriers for students that are eager to learn.

AT&T 5G takes innovative ways to learn and makes them mobile, setting the stage for the future of learning on-the-go. Like in Pet Battles, the high capacity of AT&T 5G can help carry the load of multiplayer activity and AI analytics to keep students engaged in a fun and meaningful way. With the AR functionality, AT&T 5G can help support the massive data that comes with spatial computing too.

Why Now? Learning looks a lot different these days. Over the years, tablets have replaced textbooks, parents have become teachers, and home screens can substitute for home rooms. With the surge in remote learning, it’s even easier for a student to fall behind. That gap could grow during summer break, making it harder for kids to catch up once school is back in session.

Boddle aims to close that learning gap and keep kids engaged using personalized gameplay. It leaves frustration at the door and keeps them moving at their own pace. Plus, it tracks their progress, which is beneficial for the adults in their lives. This adaptive learning platform helps parents and teachers identify practice areas and development opportunities so they can set their student up for success.

What are people saying? “We’ve supported kids, parents and teachers with engaging math through at-home and in-school learning, and seen firsthand how learning through gameplay helps kids unlock their confidence to learn. Our team at Boddle is excited to continue expanding learning opportunities for kids of all demographics through this AT&T 5G collaboration that will open the possibilities of where and how kids learn and really bring math to life through AR,” said Clarence Tan, Co-Founder of Boddle Learning.

“Gamified learning is ushering in the next generation of education, and keeping kids connected will be key. Boddle’s customized learning platform brings an immediate benefit for students today, making learning more interactive, interesting, accessible and fun. We’re proud to help them unlock the connected learning of tomorrow that will reshape education as we know it,” said Glenn Couper, Assistant Vice President, 5G Product & Innovation, AT&T.

“We use Boddle every day in our classroom. My students love it! They even invited in our assistant principal to show off their skills. I assign the skill (standard) we are currently covering in class, and students get so excited when they are able to answer it. I have also used the data to share with administration on learning gaps in my classroom.” Liz Capizzano, 3rd Grade Educator, Lansing, IL

What’s the big picture? Our collaboration with Boddle is another step in our commitment to help advance education for students no matter where they learn – at home, in the community and in the classroom. Boddle will also be contributing video lessons and activities to The Achievery created by AT&T, our new, free digital learning platform designed to make distance learning more entertaining, engaging and inspiring for students. This is part of the AT&T Connected Learning initiative and our efforts to promote digital inclusion, literacy and learning solutions that help today’s learners succeed.

Our mission is to be the best connectivity provider in America, whether you’re at home or on the move. We do this with the most reliable 5G network3 and the nation’s fastest growing fiber internet in America, so you have a seamless experience from a single source – AT&T. 

To learn more about Boddle, check out and start practicing you math skills now by downloading the app from the App Store® or Google PlayTM Store.  


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