AT&T is Delivering Click-to-Play Access of Popular Games Directly to Your Smartphone

Gamers can play “Control Ultimate Edition” on us, no downloads or sign up needed

The low latency of AT&T 5G paired with cloud streaming technology helps deliver virtually instant, high-fidelity gameplay to the devices you already own

What’s the news? AT&T is offering the hit game Control Ultimate Edition, winner of over 80 awards, to our U.S. customers1 to begin playing right now on a smartphone, tablet or computer. We’re bringing this click-to-play access for the first time on mobile and other devices with no downloads, no subscriptions, no extra cost. Jump into the full game and try it for yourself, powered by cloud streaming technology at!

We’re bringing this experience to customers using Google’s Immersive Stream for Games. With the game’s high performance and stunning graphics being handled in the cloud, the quality of your connection can make all difference. Our network is up to the task, especially with the low lag of AT&T 5G or AT&T Fiber. Paired with the capabilities of this impressive cloud streaming technology, our customers can play a demanding AAA game on devices they already own, including their smartphones and tablets.

How does it work? All you need is an AT&T postpaid mobility plan to start playing. It’s that simple. Using your mobile device or computer, head to, enter your phone number and billing zip code associated with your AT&T mobile account and start playing. You’ll step into the role of Jesse Faden and battle the corruptive presence that has invaded the Federal Bureau of Control with transforming weaponry and telekinetic powers, all while searching for your missing brother.

Why does it matter? Click-to-play access has the potential to unlock a whole new way for gamers to experience new titles and old favorites. Our showcase of this cloud streaming technology pushes the gaming industry forward, allowing gamers to play a title first without making a big purchase, or signing up for another subscription service. This means more options for game publishers too, bringing dynamic experiences to new and existing fans without the friction of sign-ups, downloads or gaming hardware requirements.

We first launched click-to-play gaming with Batman: Arkham Knight on computers last fall, powered by Google’s Immersive Stream for Games. Starting today, we’re taking things to a new level with Control Ultimate Edition with the ability to play on your mobile devices with just a click for the first time.

We’re expanding this gaming experience beyond your computer screen because networks like our AT&T 5G2 can deliver AAA games with high-fidelity performance to the phone in your pocket. Thanks to its low lag, faster speeds and higher capacity, our 5G and one-click-play highlights an exciting future for gaming, especially on-the-go.  

Where could this lead to? In the future, we imagine publishers could utilize the combination of 5G connectivity and cloud streaming technology to offer limited time play sessions directly from a search result. This gives gamers the option to try before they buy. If they move forward with the purchase, their progress will be saved in the cloud, so they can pick up right where they left off on the downloaded version.

What are people saying? “AT&T is empowering gamers to take their favorite games where Wi-Fi can’t. By introducing click-to-play access on mobile, we’re showcasing how high-fidelity gaming can be delivered on the go,” said Matthew Wallace, Assistant Vice President, 5G Product & Innovation, AT&T. “We’re thrilled to work with developers like Remedy Entertainment and publishers like 505 Games to show our customers where gaming is headed and how AT&T technology will be a driving force in getting there.”

“As our first Immersive Stream for Games collaborator, AT&T’s continued investment in delivering games directly to their customers underlines our ability to offer advanced streaming technology, the right tools to port games easily, powerful discovery features, and the analytics necessary to optimize a direct-to-consumer business,” said Dov Zimring, Head of Product, Immersive Stream for Games. “Today’s launch of Control Ultimate Edition from 505 Games is proof of that ability, with Immersive Stream for Games enabling AT&T customers to click and play the full game across new devices at home or on the go with no downloads or installs.”

What’s the big picture? The addition of click-to-play mobile gaming is all part of our mission to be the best connectivity provider in America, whether you’re at home, at work or on the move. We do this with the most reliable 5G network3 and the nation’s fastest growing fiber internet in America4, so you have a seamless experience from a single source – AT&T.