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New ‘Access from AT&T’ Plan + New Federal Benefit = Free Internet

New low-cost broadband plans with speeds up to 100 Mbps and no data caps

AT&T* is driving down the cost of home internet for eligible households to the best monthly rate possible – $0. Available starting today, this free option is made possible by combining a new plan from our low-cost Access from AT&T program with federal benefits from the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP).

Free internet sounds too good to be true. How is AT&T making this possible?

The Access from AT&T program now provides faster internet plans with up to 100 Mbps of symmetrical speeds for $30 per month, an increase from the 10 Mbps maximum provided in our original Access from AT&T plan. In addition, there’s no cap on data usage with the new $30 Access from AT&T plans.1

Customers who prefer our original Access from AT&T plans and have speeds of 10Mbps or less available, don’t have to worry. You can still take advantage of reliable internet with our $5 - $10 per month plans.1

All households that qualify and enroll with AT&T Internet for ACP will also qualify for our Access from AT&T program, including the newest speed tier. Eligible households that take advantage of the up to $30 per month ACP benefit (or up to $75 per month for those on qualified Tribal lands) can then receive internet service at no monthly charge. 

How do I take advantage of free internet?

First, confirm that you are eligible for the ACP benefit and get approved with the federal government’s National Verifier at Then, call us at (855) 2205211. We’ll verify your ACP approval and set you up on a plan with the ACP benefit.

You can choose to apply your ACP benefit to our Access from AT&T plan, or you can apply it to most of our existing AT&T Internet plans. Check out which AT&T internet plans are available in your area.  

What if I would like to use my ACP benefit on plans other than Access from AT&T?

Just ask! You can apply the ACP benefit to most of our existing AT&T Internet plans. That means qualified customers can save up to $30 per month (up to $75 per month on qualifying Tribal lands) on most plans that we offer. That includes our fastest plans on AT&T Fiber, with speeds up to 5-Gigs in more than 70 metro areas.2

Customers can also choose to apply the ACP benefit to their AT&T PREPAID or Cricket Wireless plan. The benefit is limited to one per household.

I’m currently receiving the Emergency Broadband Benefit (EBB). What do I need to do?

Nothing right now. Your current benefit will remain the same until March 1st. To receive the ACP benefit starting March 1st you may be contacted by the Universal Services Administrative Co. (USAC) to reverify your eligibility. If you qualified under the EBB COVID temporary loss of income criteria, the National Verifier will need to reverify your eligibility under different criteria prior to March 1.

The main thing to remember is that the monthly subsidy will decrease from the EBB program’s $50 maximum to up to $30 under the ACP on March 1 (there is no change to the Tribal benefit).

What people are saying:

Ebony Ford from Atlanta says Access from AT&T provided critical support when she needed it most: “I had no car, no job, no money, no internet. I discovered the Access from AT&T program. It was the segue for me to be able to apply for benefits, look for childcare programs, look for jobs, attend training. It literally was my foundation to be able to get back on my feet. It all started with Access from AT&T.” Check out this video to see more of Ebony’s testimonial.

Cheryl Choy, SVP- Broadband Management & Strategy: “Making home internet affordable for low-income households is an important step toward closing the digital divide. The new Access from AT&T plan provides improved speeds, no data cap and works in concert with the federal ACP benefit. Free internet service can be the difference in getting homework done, being able to apply for a job, or receiving medical care.”

What else is AT&T doing to help close the digital divide?

AT&T has a 3-year, $2 billion commitment to address the digital divide through our low-cost broadband offers, participation in the ACP and charitable contributions through the AT&T Connected Learning program.

Read more about what we are doing to close the digital divide.

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