AT&T and Check Point Software Empower Businesses to Support Work from Anywhere with New Managed Cloud-Delivered Security Solutions

AT&T Secure Workforce with Check Point can provide powerful enterprise-grade security to businesses of all sizes without large up-front costs

What’s the news? AT&T aims to help businesses increase their agility as workforces grow more decentralized. AT&T Secure Workforce with Check Point is designed to help organizations of any size enhance their defenses using a suite of managed cloud-delivered solutions enabling end-to-end security for all users no matter where the “office” happens to be.

Why is this important? Employees aren’t tethered to the office anymore.  A recent poll found that nearly half of the U.S. workforce can do their current jobs effectively remotely at least part of the time.

That means many employees are sending, receiving and storing sensitive information as part of their day-to-day work. This can make organizations more vulnerable, and bad actors are taking notice. The frequency and sophistication of cyberattacks are growing. Check Point Software’s 2022 Security Report revealed that cyber-attacks against organizations worldwide increased by an average of 50% in 2021.

Enabling employees to work from anywhere isn’t effective unless they are also empowering them to do so securely. But for many organizations, implementing an effective security strategy seems is challenging due to the perceived cost and expertise required. 57% of organizations have been negatively affected by the shortage of cybersecurity talent.

Businesses need access to the tools and expertise to efficiently connect users to company resources and to better protect their users and data from the growing volume and sophistication of cyber threats if they’re working from the office or off-site.

What’s different about AT&T Secure Workforce with Check Point? AT&T Secure Workforce with Check Point can help any businesses of any size strengthen their security posture with up to four core capabilities delivered through a single managed platform:

  • AT&T Email Security with Check Point: Defends user mailboxes and productivity applications, deflecting sophisticated phishing attacks and blocking malicious attachments.
  • AT&T Secure Web Gateway with Check Point: Helps protect users’ internet access as they browse websites and web apps by inspecting all internet traffic—across all ports and protocols, controlling access at the app and in-app levels, and preventing phishing and zero-day malware through advanced sandboxing, and preventing  known browser exploits with cutting-edge intrusion protection.
  • Secure remote access: Uses zero trust principles to connect users directly to the company resources needed to complete job duties, whether hosted in the data center or the cloud.
  • Protected browsing: Inspects 100% of SSL traffic in-browser for secure, fast and private internet use, and protects users from attacks and malicious or inappropriate websites.

This comprehensive suite of security solutions is offered through AT&T Managed Services which provides deployment, maintenance and support by cybersecurity specialists.

AT&T Secure Workforce with Check Point can be paired with AT&T internet and mobility solutions to connect and protect organizations and their users, wherever they conduct business.

Where can I get more information? AT&T Secure Workforce with Check Point is available today for any U.S. business. For more information, please visit here.

For attendees of RSA 2022, you can also visit the AT&T Cybersecurity at Booth #4534 for more details.

What are people saying?

Working outside the office shouldn’t mean a drop in security. Workspaces are no longer defined by four walls or a single mailing address, and if security strategies aren’t adapting similarly, risks can grow exponentially. AT&T Secure Workforce with Check Point not only gives businesses that flexibility, but also the access to AT&T Cybersecurity expertise and resources to guide them as their business changes. – Danessa Lambdin, vice president, AT&T Cybersecurity

With personnel working from anywhere, attack surfaces have become wider than ever before. Together with AT&T, we can help enterprises and SMB’s ward off cyberattacks with our prevention first approach to provide the best security. With over two decades of security expertise, Check Point is very excited to partner with AT&T in securing today’s hybrid workforce. – Rupal Hollenbeck, Chief Commercial Officer, Check Point Software