DALLAS, March 06, 2024

AT&T and Navigil Enable Proactive Wellness Monitoring with Mobile Wristwatch

AT&T is launching the Navigil wellness wristwatch in the U.S. for users, family, friends and trusted caregivers.

Navigil gives users time to enjoy life at home with confidence and freedom.

Key Takeaways:

  • Proven technology is coming to the U.S. to help enhance wellness monitoring.
  • Innovative wellness watch adapts well to a variety of use cases.

Wellness watches are reshaping the way care is delivered across various settings, including hospital discharge, in-home care, senior-living communities and individuals with disabilities. These devices play an important role in keeping users connected to the caregivers who can improve outcomes with proactive and personalized support while saving costs.

Navigil, a leading specialist in mobile wearable products used by aging adults for wellness and personal safety purposes, has made their mobile wristwatches available in the U.S. The wellness wristwatch has AT&T Network Optimized certification and uses the  AT&T nationwide LTE-M cellular network and supports IoT applications with lower costs, longer battery life and small form factors.

The Navigil wristwatch monitors heart rate, activity levels, sleep patterns and more. The smart phone app, which is available for both iOS and Android, allows family members and caregivers to view the data and track the watch wearer’s wellness trends.

The Navigil mobile wearable is available to businesses including assisted living facilities and care organizations. It also has up to two weeks of battery life as a mobile phone, 100% secure SOS call routing and a wellness dashboard.

“Connectivity is not just a feature; it is a necessity for connected devices. Without it, they are just inert devices collecting data. With it, they enable calls for help, voice calls and immediate notification of alarms,” said Matti Räty, President/CEO of Navigil. “These devices are helping bridge the gap among the user, family members, friends and trusted caregivers with seamless communication.”

“The Navigil watch is a valuable tool for seniors and caregivers,” said Joe Drygas, vice president, Government, Education & Medical, AT&T. “Whether it’s reminders to take medication, encouraging activity or notifying caregivers in case of an emergency, these watches help ensure users receive the support they need, when they need it.”

If you are interested in viewing the Navigil watch, drop by booth #2261 at HIMSS. Hope to see you there!


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