HGTV Urban Oasis® 2022, featuring AT&T Fiber, Shows Off
High-Tech and High-Design

Twenty years ago, would you have imagined one day you’d be communicating with your fridge via an app? Or be able to adjust the thermostat remotely so your house is the perfect temperature upon arrival? These concepts seemed like a futuristic fantasy to me back then, but smart appliances are becoming more prevalent in homes today.

In fact, the average household today has 15 connected devices, and that's expected to more than triple by 2030. That’s because it’s not just computers, tablets or smartphones using Wi-Fi in the home anymore. If you’re like me, you probably have smart devices like TVs, voice assistants, and a security system connected too. Even garage door openers need their share today, which is driving the consumption of more and more data.

All of these new smart devices (and more) were on display at this year’s HGTV Urban Oasis®. And all of them relied on the fast connection of AT&T Fiber to get the job done. As the exclusive internet provider, we powered this high-tech and high-design space with our fastest 5-Gig speeds to deliver the best internet experience for the devices to shine.

I’m amazed to see our network powering what once seemed like scenes straight out of a sci-fi movie and making them the new norm. But AT&T Fiber wasn’t built for just the needs of today. Our 5-Gig plan is also designed to support the most cutting-edge technologies of tomorrow.1 So what does the smart home look like 20 years from now? Here’s a look at what’s on the horizon:

  • Sensors & Automation: As you move throughout your smart home, sensors could pick up when you’ve left one room and entered another. This could trigger the lights to go off in the previous room to save energy and the lights to dim to your liking in the room you’re in now. In the kitchen, the sensors on your pots and pans could recognize what you’re making for dinner and recommend the time and temperature needed to prep the perfect meal. These energy-conservation tips will especially be useful for home-based small business owners that rely on daily savings to finance their passions.
  • Robots: Your sensors could also notify robots when you need a helping hand. One could detect you’ve spilled a drink on the floor and notify a robot to come mop it up. Or once you’ve finished breakfast and begun the commute to your home office just a few steps away, a robot could start making your bed for you. Then, at the end of every day, a robot could sort your trash determining what’s compost vs. recyclable vs. landfill – making it one less thing for you to figure out.
  • Biometrics: In the 2040s, there’s a chance you won’t have to ask yourself “where did I put my keys?” That’s because locks and security systems will be able to recognize you through facial recognition so you don’t have to lift a finger. The email you use to manage your small business won’t require a password either since it already scanned your retina to log you in. And in this increasingly connected world, your mattress has noticed new sleep patterns and an increased heart rate, encouraging you to make a telehealth appointment with your doctor.  

It’s impressive to think how much more our homes will be connected in the future. While these trends are yet to come, there’s one thing that’s already here that’s needed to make them a reality. That’s AT&T Fiber.

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Erin Scarborough
Erin Scarborough Senior Vice President, Fiber Broadband Sales & Marketing, AT&T

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